Paid search monitoring

Identify trademark infringing in search advertising with adsecurity monitoring tool

Adsecurity paid search monitoring

Search engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex


North and South America, Europe, MENA, APAC


Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile

Solved dangers

  • Increasing CPC cost for branded keywords
  • Decreasing CTR for your in-house search ads
  • Detect Brand Violations
  • Reduction of your company’s search advertising budget

Why is brand search monitoring important?

Protect your most valuable traffic

Brand-based traffic is amongst the highest-converting traffic. Brand Auditor secures this revenue stream, offering full accountability and data transparency while ensuring that your partners abide by your agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Prevent misuse of your brand

Brand Auditor allows you to take back control of your customer journey — ensuring full, constant, and automated compliance with all search engine advertising trademark rules.

Ensure continued SERP success

Build, manage, and maintain your Search Engine Results Page performance and position by avoiding trademark violations that could decrease CPCs or drag down your CTR.

How it works

Automated paid search monitoring

Detecting keywords, geo, device. Providing link to search result, screenshot with search ad infringement.

Detailed redirect tracing with URLs of intermediaries

Access insights of PPC Ad impressions starting link URL from search results with all redirects to final URL.